Regional Favorites: Arizona

Story and Photos by Cameron Rexroat and Nick Abell from Just Another Jay

Nick and Cameron.

WM: Tell us about yourselves. How did you get into the cannabis space and why do you love weed?

We are Nick and Cameron from Just Another Jay. JAJ is an LGBTQIA+ perspective, observation, and culture photography studio that focuses on pro-representation for the cannabis community. We are currently residing in Arizona, but being dedicated travelers — we are no stranger to countless hours on the road to document communities all over the west coast. We believe that cannabis is and should be showcased with communities of any age, creed, orientation, gender identity, etc. We got into the industry because it was desperately needing a different perspective. We’ve been able to grow so much as people and community members by meeting pioneers of our space, voices who want to be heard, etc.

“Incredible news of diversity in Arizona cannabis industry! I was promoted to General manager of a dispensary in Mesa. That makes me officially the first LGBT community member to be elevated to a higher management role in the state. “

— Cameron Rexroat

WM: What is your favorite dispensary on Weedmaps? What makes it the best?

We’ve been to many; specifically in Arizona — we love Territory Dispensary. In fact, we have a very big love for privately owned/small business type dispensaries that focus on their staff and community. In fact, as Arizona grows to become a recreational state, we are seeing more and more massive companies looking to take every “piece of the cake” out of the industry. What makes Arizona specifically special is its evolving perspective. We support Territory Dispensary, especially, largely, because they have invested in their communities and their client/staff base shows massive diversity. Many people have underestimated Arizona and slept on its growth — but when you are employing more than 15,000 people and the only medical state making as much in profit growth than most recreational states, Arizona is more of a sleeping giant just waiting to explode with recreational use legalized.

WM: What is your favorite product? What brand it is and why do you love it so much?

Favorites are really hard as we love all categories of consumption. I would easily say that Space Coyote is my favorite especially brand with their infused prerolls. I am also a fan of their strategy to vocalize the artist community in the cannabis communities But if we are talking concentrates? Easily Hi Klas and Canamo concentrate. We love clean and holistic focused brands.

WM: What are your favorite things to do while high? What are your hobbies?

We are plant people. Nick specifically has turned our entire room into a jungle. And besides exploring the west coast, we love photography. Shooting in and out of cannabis is our life and passion. Nick has done so much work for the Industry and we are grateful for the experiences we have had with so many unique souls.

WM: So where are the best places to hang out AZ? What makes it so good while high?

We adore hiking areas and northern Arizona. Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Jerome, etc. It’s actually hilarious when we tell our of state friends that Arizona isn’t actually all a dessert. We have a beautiful high altitude part of the state that is beautiful and filled with life. In fact, most of the grow facilities are based in northern Arizona due to the climate.




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Weedmaps is a community where businesses and consumers can search and discover #cannabis products.

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