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To Change Hearts and Minds, the LGBTQ and Legal Cannabis Movements have a Simple but Powerful Tool: COME OUT

  • A worker, practically anywhere in the country, who fears a random office drug test, and the revelation that she is a cannabis user suffering from a medical condition she had hoped would also remain private; or
  • A college student, who is suspected of selling drugs on campus, but is actually using cannabis responsibly and with the guidance of a health professional to treat severe anxiety; or
  • A senior citizen, who lives in a state with a robust medical cannabis program, yet acquires cannabis to treat his chronic pain from the illicit market. He fears registering with the state may reveal his “secret” and embarrass his family; or
  • A mother, who informs her child’s teacher that doctor-recommended medical grade cannabinoid oil has significantly improved her child’s health. And then gets an unannounced home visit from Children’s Protective Services a few days later.

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