How Weedmaps parents discuss their cannabis-related jobs with their children

Managing the reactions of friends and family

Any new career path comes with a new set of concerns about the future. For many Weedmapers, a career pivot to cannabis was an exciting new venture, but not without obstacles. Peter Fisher, Engineering Manager, shared his concerns about how he would be perceived by family and friends.

Talking to your kids about cannabis

Weedmaps parents have children from newborns to impressionable teens. Some common themes run clear: Be open and honest, answer all of their questions truthfully, and use this opportunity to break down the stigma of cannabis use.

Breaking the stigma around cannabis

Being in the cannabis industry is so much more than a fun, friendly stoner culture. Working in the cannabis industry means actively working every day to reverse the impact of the war on drugs, and to improve the decades-long racial inequality that has disproportionately affected Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities.



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